The professionals at Walden are not just financial and deal making experts, they are also seasoned executives; many of whom have bought or sold their own companies. It is this real world business experience that allows them to more easily identify the needs of a buyer or seller. The Walden team recognizes the deep emotional aspects to selling a business. Walden is uniquely positioned to provide the highest level of discretion, confidentially and understanding of the intricate challenges associated with the selling process.

Walden's professionals have established reputations for ethics, integrity, and hold strong ties with many strategic executives in diversified industries.

Walden provides the private business owner with an in-depth analysis to identify factors impacting the value of the business. This comprehensive effort is essential to the success of the sales process; documents which stress the inherent strengths of the business, and are specifically designed for the marketing phase.


When preparing to sell a business, timing is everything. Take these steps to increase your chances of a successful sale:

Plan: It’s tough to maximize value when you’re burned out, so aim to sell while you’re still energized by the business. The average sale takes nine months to a year, not including post-sale transition time. Instead of planning your retirement around your age, you can often reap greater rewards by timing a sale around your business value.

Get a valuation so you know what your business is worth in the current market. If age is still your primary deciding factor, begin planning several years in advance. With enough time, your advisors can provide leadership, cash flow, and tax positioning strategies that will help you net the most.

Prepare emotionally: Don’t underestimate the emotional impact of selling your business. Many baby boomers struggle to step away when the time comes. Decide how you will define the next chapter in your life. It’s important to have something you’re “retiring to” instead of just something your “retiring from.” Seek advice from mentors and peers who have made a similar transition. Talk through what it means to give up your identity as a business owner. For many, it’s easier to make that transition if they already have other strong plans and commitments.

Make selling part of your succession plan: Don’t have next generation leaders ready to take over the business? Leadership team not prepared to buy you out? Consider how selling your business can play a role in your succession plan.

When selling to private equity, for example, you can often arrange for family members or other key managers to receive an ownership stake in the business. This can be a great way to set your next generation leadership up for success, with strong connections and financial backing behind them. These arrangements can protect you both financially and emotionally, without the specter of money and debt hanging between you and family.

Consider staying on after a sale: Sellers can often negotiate an advisory role and phase into retirement. Employment contracts can make your business more attractive (and more valuable) to private equity buyers who need experienced leaders in place to maintain operations while they fuel new growth.

The long-predicted seller tsunami is coming. Business was strong before the pandemic, but the crisis put everyone in a short-term holding pattern. When uncertainty may be ahead, take this opportunity to go out on a high note.


Walden invests time and considerable resources to market a client's business in the most effective manner. Access to well maintained databases of qualified buyers assures the owner of receiving maximum exposure for selling the company. Walden also utilizes several national and international databases used in identifying strategic buyers / investors.


Walden offers skilled negotiation and control all aspects of the process. The client feels the positive impact of full and complete representation, and is able to concentrate on operating the business while Walden professionals attend to the details.


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